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05 January 2021

Academic's book ranked among top reads of the year

A book authored by an academic in the Department of European and International Studies has been ranked as one of the must-reads of the last year by a leading international journal.

Book review
Dr Pacheco Pardo's book has been ranked among the year's best.

The International Affairs Journal described Dr Ramon Pacheco Pardo’s book, North Korea-US relations: from Kim Jong Il to Kim Jong Un, as “absolutely brilliant” and placed it among their top 10 reads from among all reviews in 2020.

In the book, Dr Pardo explores how North Korea has constantly learnt from its own experience and the experience of others to evolve and adapt its policy towards the US, drawing evidence from discussions with US, Chinese, North Korean and South Korean policymakers.

Krisztina Csortea, a member of the International Affairs editorial team, said: “Ramon Pacheco Pardo does an absolutely brilliant job of outlining the North Korean perspective on its changing relationship with the US. Pardo draws on discussions with US, Chinese, North Korean and South Korean policymakers to demystify the North’s strategy adding important detail to cursory accounts of the country as a rouge state.”

You can find out more about the book here.

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