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30 October 2023

AI Fringe hosts King's artificial intelligence experts

To coincide with the UK Government’s AI Safety Summit, academics from across King’s are taking part in several events to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence across society and how to ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits safely.

AI Fringe

Organisations representing civil society, academia and industry have come together for the ‘AI Fringe’ - a host of events that will be independent from, but complementary to, the UK Government’s AI Safety Summit taking place between 1-2 November.

The Government’s AI Safety Summit will bring together international governments, leading AI companies, civil society groups and experts in research. The aim is to consider the risks of AI, especially at the frontier of development, and to discuss how they can be mitigated through internationally coordinated action.

The AI Fringe will provide an additional platform for all communities to enhance their common understanding of the impact of AI and how to better harness safe and beneficial AI.

Alongside MPs and industry leaders, King’s academics with expertise in various fields of AI - many of whom are also part of the Responsible AI UK (RAI UK) project - will be speaking at and hosting events at the AI Fringe, considering cross-cutting challenges (for example, defining AI safety, bias, data, responsibility for AI models) and how to create a responsible AI ecosystem.

RAI UK brings together researchers from across the four nations of the UK to understand how to shape the development of AI to benefit people, communities and society. It is an open, multidisciplinary network, drawing on a wide range of academic disciplines.

The Responsible AI UK programme's mission is to work alongside UK institutions and universities to promote and convene cutting edge responsible AI research happening across the UK and we are keen the AI Fringe highlights these solutions to the world. The depth and breadth of research in responsible AI in the UK is vast and this is an opportunity to collaborate with other organisations in the world to make AI technologies work for all of us.

Sana Khareghani, Professor of Practice in AI at King's and AI Policy Lead for RAI UK (and Former Head of UK Gov Office for Artificial Intelligence)

Two of the events featured as part of the AI Fringe will take place at Science Gallery London – King's flagship public space located on Guy’s Campus. These include:

  • Can AI Fix Climate Change?
    Dr Gabrielle Samuel, Lecturer in Environmental Justice and Health at King’s, will question some of the assumptions associated with AI's promise to solve some of the biggest challenges we face.
  • Ethics in the Machine: AI & Governance
    Dr Sanjay Modgil, Reader in Artificial Intelligence at King's, joins an urgent discussion on fairness and transparency, and personal and data privacy, as AI comes to occupy almost every aspect of our lives.

Dr Caitlin Bentley, Lecturer in AI Education at King's, will also be chairing a panel discussion to address the gender disparities and exclusions that persist within the field of AI, acknowledging the critical role that gender diversity plays in ensuring the responsible design, development, implementation and use of AI. More info here.

A full programme of all AI Fringe events is available here.