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31 July 2019

Al Murray produces podcast on Dr Jonathan Fennell's book

Fighting the People's War endorsed by celebrity historian

Making you talk

The latest edition of Al Murray and James Holland's 'We Have Ways of Making You Talk' podcast is about Fighting the People's War, the most recent publication by Dr Jonathan Fennell of the Defence Studies Department.

In the podcast the book is referred to as 'absolutely fascinating', 'amazing' and 'mind-boggling' by the comedian. They highlight the importance of the discussion around Morale around the four British armies formed throughout the war, the hidden gems of new and innovative facts involving simultaneous mutinies throughout several different countries within the massive reach of the British Empire and the post-war consequences.

Listen to the full podcast here.

The new podcast which began in April is the product of comedian Al Murray and historian James Holland where they discuss all matters related to the Second World War.

Fighting the People's War was released in January 2019. It's an unprecedented, panoramic history of the 'citizen armies' of the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and South Africa, the core of the British and Commonwealth armies in the Second World War. The book fundamentally challenges our understanding of the War, the relationship between conflict and socio-political change and transforms our view of how the great battles were won and lost as well as how the postwar societies were forged.


"I really can’t emphasise how fascinating a piece of history Fighting the People’s War is. The different approaches, the different outcomes, tough questions raised and addressed, page turning, big picture, intimate too."

Al Murray

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Jonathan Fennell

Professor of the History of War and Society