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25 November 2016

Algorithms and Bioinformatics Group receives Royal Society Research Grants

Two professors from the Algorithms and Bioinformatics Group, based in the Department of Informatics, recently received awards from the Royal Society and the Onassis Foundation.

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Professor Costas Iliopoulos Head of the Algorithm Design Group has been awarded a two-year Royal Society International Exchanges Grant for a project on Electro acoustics data indexing. The project aims to explore new indexing algorithms tailored for electro-acoustic data to efficiently run pattern match queries and data statistics. The impact of such an index could be ground-breaking for the analysis of sea resources, as it will be able to provide statistics, fast data-access and repetition counting capabilities.

Professor Iliopoulos has also received a research grant by the Onassis Foundation to fund a project on computational musicology. The project will explore new techniques to model, compute and analyse musical similarities in symbolic representations of audio data. The results of this project will have a wider impact, with the possibility of creating new, more efficient browsing systems in the digital music industry.

Dr Solon Pissis, lecturer and member of the Algorithms and Bioinformatics Group in the Department of Informatics has been awarded another two-year Royal Society International Exchanges Grant with the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Greece. Dr Pissis’ research proposal focuses on Novel Algorithmic Methods for Processing Large-Scale Biological Data.

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