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18 November 2022

Alumni event offers students insight into world of consultancy

Students were given unique insights into the world of consultancy at a special event hosted by the School of Politics and Economics and the King’s Business School.

A group of 40 students were invited to attend the event. Picture: SPE

A group of 40 students from across both schools attended the Monitor Deloitte event hosted at King’s on 15 November and led by former PPE student, Simran Prajapati.

Simran, who is a consultant at Monitor Deloitte in London, provided attendees with practical experience of case studies, used in recruitment and consultancy work, and offered students feedback and advice too. The session was followed by networking.

Student Clara Goilav, who attended the event, said: “The event provided a meaningful insight into what consultancy for Deloitte means and looks like. The workshop allowed us to trial run some consultancy approaches and techniques that we were introduced to during the meeting and gave us an opportunity to do some hands-on work on which we received feedback.

“The experience was very well received and appreciated by many fellow attendees that I have spoken with.”

And fellow student, Ayush Shrestha added: “The event was comprised of multiple case studies which I found incredibly insightful and engaging. The case studies provided a practical idea of the role and displayed the vastness of the sector. The session has been a big help towards preparing for my interview at consulting firms.”

The session was part of a programme of events hosted by the School of Politics and Economics which engage current students with a community of alumni.