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01 July 2024

Alumni reunited to mark decade since graduation

A former White House advisor, a Lego executive and plenty of entrepreneurs too…the Department of Political Economy’s class of 2014 have certainly gone on to bigger and better things since leaving King’s.


However, despite work, study and life taking them across the globe since graduation, the class of 2014 were brought together again in London on 13 June at a special event to mark 10 years since their graduation.

One of the department’s first ever cohort of graduates, the alumni met with former classmates and academics at an event which offered plenty of time for reminiscence, a quiz and even a lecture.

The group were also treated to a tour of the Strand campus to see how things have changed since the end of their studies.

The Department of Political Economy (DPE) was founded in 2010 and offered just a handful of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, including MA Public Policy and BA International Politics. More than a decade on, it now runs more than 10 programs and boasts a thriving doctoral community too.

At the reunion event, the alumni were offered the opportunity to speak a little about their journeys since leaving King’s and the opportunities offered by their studies.

Among guests was alumni Gabriel, who works in AI policy and has worked with officials at the White House; Adam, who works with Netflix in Poland, and Karina, who worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lithuania before moving into media industry analytics.


Alum Johanna now works in sustainability with Lego, Moritz is a policy advisor at Meta, while Sam works on strategy at the Ministry of Defence in the UK.

Other alum have moved into shipping law, anti-corruption NGOs, elected government and academia, among a host of other vocations.

Professor Andrew Blick, head of the Department of Political Economy, said: “The 2014 cohort were one of our first as a new department and it was brilliant to see them reunited at King’s and to hear about the different paths they have taken since graduation.

“As a department we have grown and developed a tremendous amount in the last 10 years and our graduates certainly have too. I look forward to hearing a great deal more from our alumni in the years to come.”

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