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Announcing the 2020 Geography photography competition winners

Each year, we ask our students to submit photographs from their field trips around the globe.


Here are the 2020 winners and runners up:

Category: Foodie

Dim sum by Alice Wong
Dim sum

Winner: Alice Wong

Location: Songkhla, Thailand

Description: Vibrant selection of authentic delicacies.

Market by Eliana Longo Collins

Runner up: Eliana Longo Collins 

Location: Stall in Borough Market, London

Description: Winter gourds for sale in Borough Market.


Category: City culture

Mixed feelings by Jaeran Kim
Mixed feelings

inner: Jaeran Kim

Location: Cartagena, Spain

Description: The city of Cartagena – once a powerful naval port and now a majorly tourism-driven city. Amongst the tourists, are those who have seen it all – from industrial buildings far off the main coastal line, hidden from the landscape, to intricately designed architecture situated at the heart of Cartagena. The city covered in a thick fog with only the most visually appealing exposed in direct sunlight.

Liminal spaces by Valentina Jimenez
Liminal spaces

Runner up: Valentina Jiménez

Location: Tangier, Morocco

Description: A view of the chaotic skyline of Tangier, a landscape that seems to lie in a liminal space.

Category: Climate change

This is a crisis, we are the chang by Sarah Creasy
This is a crisis, we are the change

Winner: Sarah Creasy

Location: Westminster

Description: Climate strike, September 2020.

Hidden Buddha by Maxwell Clarke
Hidden Buddha

Runner up: Maxwell Clarke

Location: Hong Kong

Description: Under the deep smog in Hong Kong, we can barely make out the historical statue of the Buddha.

Venice isn't Disneyland by Eliana Longo Colina
'Venezia non e' Disneyland' (translation: Venice isn't Disneyland)

Runner up: Eliana Longo Colina

Location: Grand Canal, Venice

Description: A reminder of the beauty of this city and how many people it attracts. A reminder that with current climate predictions, by 2100 it is likely to be completely submerged. Venice is not Disneyland, it and its people deserve respect.

Category: Field trips

Howler monkey hanging from a tree and eating by Stefanie Kaupa
Howler monkey hanging from a tree and eating

Winner: Stefanie Kaupa

Location: La Selva Biological resesarch station, Costa Rica

Description: Howler monkey picking a leaf to eat, or possibly just marvelling at the foliage

Silhouettes in the Sahara by Heather Needham
Silhouettes in the Sahara

Runner up: Heather Needham

Location: Sahara Desert, Morocco

Description: This photograph was taken on the Geography BSc second-year field trip to Morocco. We ate Moroccan tajine, spent a night in the desert and woke up to this breath-taking view!

A wholesome welcome by Zahra Kazi
A wholesome welcome

Runner up: Zahra Kazi

Location: Alappuzha, Kerala

Description: Enter the place get the place popping – JHUS

Category Landscapes of change

LandscapeofChange_Winner_Diane Stetcu
1395 vs 2019

Winner:  Diane Stetcu

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Description: Gwanghwamun, a gate built in 1395, is the main entrance to Gyeongbokgung, the largest palace in the capital city. Cars drive past, tall glass buildings surround the perimeter of the palace, people wear the hanbok (Korea’s traditional clothing) whilst using their smartphones – you witness centuries of history within seconds.

Landscapeofchange_runnerup_Eliana Longo Collins
Winter is ending

Runner up: Eliana Longo Collins

Location: Caglieron Caves, Fregona, Italy

Description: The snow and ice has almost completely melted away from the sides of the caves, as the seasons in Northern Italy begin to change.

Category: Rural lifestyle

rurallifestyle_winner_zahra kazi
Stand by your fish

Winner: Zahra Kazi

Location: Kochi, Kerala

Description: Fisherman protecting cases of fish that have been caught in a very stylish lungi (skirt)

rurallifestyle_runnerup_sophie lindsay
Grassington Moors Hunt

Runner up: Sophie Lindsay

Location: Grassington, Yorkshire, UK

Description: I took this photo whilst accompanying my father on a grouse shoot in Yorkshire. The heather filled moor is something from a fairytale by anyone's definition.

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