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15 May 2020

Assessing the Russian response to pandemic crisis

The Russian response to the Covid-19 crisis was in the spotlight at an online event hosted by King’s Russia Institute.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin
Russian President, Vladimir Putin

Shifting blame, a lack of resources in regions, and the effects of rapid de-centralisation were all discussed as experts assessed the response of President Vladimir Putin and regional leaders to the pandemic, which has seen thousands die.

The event, which took place on 11 May, featured Dr Gulnaz Sharafutdinova, from King’s Russia Institute, and Professor Regina Smyth, from Indiana University.

Both spoke about the ongoing regional responses to the crisis in Russia, its affect upon the popularity of President Putin and governors, and how it is playing into a series of domestic issues which have beset the government this year, including the recent oil price spat with Saudi Arabia.
There was also an opportunity for guests to ask questions.

You can re-watch the event in full below:

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Gulnaz Sharafutdinova

Professor of Russian Politics and Director of King's Russia Institute