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27 April 2022

Ben Quash and Wim Wenders on the Bible and its legacies

King’s Visual Commentary on Scripture was delighted to release a new film on Easter Monday to inaugurate its 'Creative Conversations’ series. In these conversations, living artists working in a variety of different artistic media will discuss how the Bible and its legacies of visual and theological interpretation operate as a vital resource for their own creativity.

The Road to Emmaus

In this film, VCS Director and Professor of Christianity and the Arts, Ben Quash  interviews filmmaker, playwright, author, and photographer Wim Wenders about his photograph The Road to Emmaus (2000).

The Visual Commentary on Scripture ( is a freely accessible online publication that provides theological commentary on the Bible in dialogue with works of art. It helps its users to (re)discover the Bible in new ways through the illuminating interaction of artworks, scriptural texts, and commissioned commentaries.

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