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01 December 2022

Celebrating the completion of the Quadrangle redevelopment project

A special ‘thank you’ event saw colleagues toast the new state-of-the-art spaces.

KCL quad Sam Phillips photo

Three years after building work began, King’s students and staff are now able to enjoy the newly resurfaced Quadrangle at the heart of the university’s Strand Campus, and the state-of-the-art engineering laboratories and teaching spaces that sit underneath.

To celebrate the completion of the project, a special reception took place last week to thank all the teams involved in this major transformation.

As part of the Quadrangle redevelopment project, the ageing asphalts on the surface of the Quad, which connects the King’s Building and Somerset House East Wing, were replaced with new resin-bound gravel, and new social spaces and seating for students and staff. Beneath the Quad's surface, more than 3,000 square metres have been redeveloped to create a new home for the Department of Engineering, providing cutting edge laboratories and workspaces for students and academic staff.

Redeveloping the Quad is one of the major initiatives in King’s Vision 2029, which sets out the university's bold ambitions for the future, looking towards its 200th anniversary.

The thank you reception was attended by members of the King’s community as well as guests from the neighbouring Courtauld Gallery and Somerset House. Attendees were able to tour the new teaching spaces and explore the facilities.

President & Principal, Professor Shitij Kapur thanked colleagues for their dedication and resolve to complete the project. He said:

‘My sincere acknowledgement to all the dreamers and planners in our Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences, because it is your ambition that has given flight to this. For our colleagues in Estates & Facilities, IT and Professional Services, without your hard work we would not be here today.'

Building work for the Quad redevelopment project started in 2019, continuing in earnest throughout the height of the pandemic through to completion in summer 2022.

Executive Dean of the Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences, Professor Bashir M Al-Hashimi said:

‘King’s is a collaborative and courageous university with a vision. With all the challenges we faced over the course of this complex and major redevelopment, including a global pandemic and three national lockdowns, I am incredibly thankful to all those who pressed on undeterred to deliver this incredible space we’re all benefitting from today. If it wasn’t for your courage, we would not be where we are now.’

The new home for engineering provides facilities and spaces for students and researchers to discover and experiment, enabling the next generation of engineers to find solutions to real world problems.

The facilities include experimental research lab space with cutting-edge technology, large, flexible spaces for group project work, and maker spaces fitted with tools and equipment, to enable students to move from theory to problem solving to creating new products.

There is also a learning commons at K–1.32 level of the King’s Building which connects to the Quad Building where King’s staff and students can study and relax.

Head of the Department of Engineering, Professor Barbara Shollock said:

‘I would like to thank the university on behalf of all our students who are enjoying the space immensely and interacting in it in ways we could not have even imagined. Looking ahead, there are so many students who will come to this place and be inspired to make a difference in the world by becoming engineers. Thank you for allowing us to continue the tradition of the King’s Engineer.’

Professor Shollock also thanked the 384 alumni and other donors for their generous gift of £177,960.00 towards the project.

The newly resurfaced Quad and learning commons spaces on K-1.32 of the King’s Building are open for staff and students to explore.