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30 June 2015

Countries that have prosecuted WMD export control violators

The prosecution of export control violators is an important aspect of a country’s ability to deter illicit proliferation-related trade. While many states have enacted export control legislation, this does not necessarily mean that these states have actually prosecuted those suspected of violating these laws. Of course, the effectiveness of a country’s export control system cannot be evaluated by counting the number of prosecutions secured by governments; however, the existence of an effective judicial enforcement system is a vital prerequisite to the full implementation of a state’s non-proliferation commitments.

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The visualisation below shows those states that are known to have prosecuted individuals and companies for WMD-related export control violations.*

Countries That Have Prosecuted WMD Export Control Violators

*The nature of global enforcement activity against WMD-related proliferation means that not all cases may be publicly known. Any errors should be brought to the attention of Project Alpha.