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06 February 2018

Dental graduate helping to build a school library in rural Ghana

2012 Dental Institute graduate Miriam Bouchiba is fundraising for a new library she is building in a small village in Ghana.


2012 Dental Institute graduate Miriam Bouchiba is fundraising for a new library she is building in a small village in Ghana. 

As part of the Ekumfi Trust, a registered charitable organisation that aims to support the educational needs of schools in rural Ghana, Miriam has set up a crowdfunding page to help build a school library in Ekumfi Etsibeedu.

In August 2013, Miriam travelled to the village with a student-led charity from the UK to provide desperately needed medical and dental assistance to the community. Over that period, other needs were highlighted that were not addressed at that visit, primarily educational needs.

The team are now halfway through the building of a second school library, but building has come to a halt whilst they fundraise to complete it. In October, they completed the basic infrastructure but we now need to complete doors, windows, lighting, painting and general decoration. Miriam has a dedicated team based in Ghana that would be able to complete the project in 8 weeks. Once complete, a team of volunteers will carry out workshops on basic healthcare, music and the creative arts in addition to holding mother and baby sessions.

If you would like to get involved please visit Miriam's crowdfunding page here.