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14 July 2022

Department's outstanding students are honoured at annual awards

Outstanding students in the Department of European and International Studies have been recognised for their efforts.

Awards shaded
The winners of the 2022 awards have been announced. Picture: STOCK IMAGE

The department honours its top students from all year groups at an annual ceremony which recognises those who have scored highly in their programmes or distinguished themselves during the course of their studies at King’s.

This year, five students from the department were chosen for honours, with a further two put forward for prizes at faculty level, the winners of which will be announced at a later date.


Best overall undergraduate degree

The department prize of £100 is awarded to the undergraduate student who has achieved the highest classification score.

This year, the award went to BA European Studies (French pathway) student Jodie Bradshaw.

Best mark in the undergraduate dissertation

The department prize of £100 is awarded to the undergraduate student who has achieved the highest mark in their dissertation.

The 2022 award went to Ragnhild Skare.

Best oral distinction in each pathway

The department prize of £100 is awarded to each of three final-year students, one from each pathway, French, German and Spanish, in the BA European Studies degree who achieves the highest oral distinction in the final-year language module.

French pathway: Sophian Ayaichia – with a mark of 90.

German pathway: Alia Molova – with a mark of 76.

Spanish pathway: Boris Tzvetan Denkov – with a mark of 83.


Florence Hughes Prize

The Florence Hughes prize is awarded to a female student in the faculty who achieves the highest overall mark in the second year of study. Nominations are limited to one student per department.

The nomination from EIS was Joyce Jojan (BA European Politics)

Jelf Medal Award

A medal is awarded to one student from each faculty who, in the view of the principal, has most distinguished themselves during their undergraduate programme. One member of staff must be prepared to nominate the student in a supporting statement.

The prize of £100 for the European and International Studies nominee for the medal was Vaishnav Rajkumar (BA European Politics).