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26 February 2024

Developing research proposals

Olivia Luijnenburg's team project for a virtual reality learning platform wins seed funding

Boy wearing a virtual reality headset with hands outstretched

Members of the Unit attended a Sandpit organised by Alzheimer’s Society and NIHR ARC Wessex on 20–22 March in Stratford-upon-Avon. Dr Olivia Luijnenburg and Dr Lesley Williamson (both DEM-COMM fellows funded by ARC South London) attended in their capacity as early career researchers to develop research proposals in groups for seed funding. Dr Kritika Samsi attended as mentor to early career dementia researchers and helped to craft and shape their research proposals and prepare them for presentation to a panel of judges.

Olivia's team project received seed funding. The project aims to foster dementia-friendly attitudes, awareness, and skills across a broad section of the future workforce. To achieve this, an immersive solution-based virtual reality learning platform will be developed, targeted towards young people (aged 12-14). The platform will allow young people to experience the challenges individuals living with dementia face in everyday community settings, such as GP surgeries and supermarkets.

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