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28 April 2022

Dr Giselbrecht awarded ERC Starting Grant for music project

The Department of Music researcher has been awarded a European Research Council Starting Grant of £1.23 million.


King’s Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in Music, Dr Elisabeth Giselbrecht has been awarded a European Research Centre (ERC) Starting Grant for the project, ‘Dissemination, Ownership, and Reading of Music in early modern Europe.'

Dr Giselbrecht announced the award on Twitter earlier this year stating, "[I was] thrilled and honoured to have been awarded an ERC Starting Grant to investigate the Dissemination, Ownership and Reading of Music in Early modern Europe (DORMEME). Thanks to all who supported me, to the reviewers and the ERC panel."

The ERC Starting Grant is a grant of up to 1.5 million euros and requires the applicant to have completed their PhD two to seven years ago and have a least one important publication without the aid of a supervisor.

The project aims to rewrite the history of the printed musical source from the perspective of its consumption – the owners and readers of music books. Addressing questions around the dissemination and consumption of music by using the information hidden in the more than 1,800 surviving copies of music books from the crucial period of 1500-1545, the ‘incunabula’ period for music printing.

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