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21 August 2017

Dr Gregory Asmolov Joins the King's Russia Institute

Dr Gregory Asmolov, a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, has joined the King’s Russia Institute.

Dr Gregory Asmolov
Dr Gregory Asmolov

Dr Gregory Asmolov, a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, has joined the King’s Russia Institute. The Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship is a prestigious scheme that enables early career researchers to undertake a significant piece of publishable work over the course of three years.

Having recently completed a PhD in Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Gregory will research the role of digital platforms in crisis situations. Whereas Gregory’s PhD thesis examined how Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) change the relationship between individuals and the state in natural disasters, his research during the Fellowship will investigate this very relationship in the context of warfare, and will specifically focus on Russia and the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The project is titled Participatory Warfare: the Role of ICTs in Modern Conflicts.

Gregory has extensive experience working in the media, as he has previously worked as a journalist for the major Russian newspapers Kommersant and Novaya Gazeta, and has served as a news editor and analyst for Israeli TV. He was also a recipient of the Russian National Internet Award (2010) for co-founding a “Help Map” – a crowdsourcing platform used to coordinate assistance to victims of wildfires in Russia.

Gregory holds a BA in Communication and International Affairs from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and an MA in Global Communication from George Washington University.