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02 December 2016

Dr Mark Coté speaks to Al Jazeera about online privacy

Digital Humanities' lecturer and MA Big Data director Dr Mark Coté has spoken to Al Jazeera about the Investigatory Powers Act



Dr Mark Coté has spoken to Al Jazeera about the Investigatory Powers Act – colloquially dubbed the 'Snooper's Charter' – after it received final parliamentary approval this week. 

Dr Coté said: "Loss of privacy is not inevitable, but is also not the only, or even the best way to understand our data lives.

"No one should be forced to live in full transparency, or be compelled to share our data without control. Yet that is what digital intellectual property rights are leading us [to]. When we use the platforms and tools we love, like Google, what we generate becomes theirs through secondary rights."

Read the full article at here.

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