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07 December 2015

Dr Rosen's book named 'one of the best art books of 2015'

Dr Aaron Rosen's Art and Religion in the 21st Century is named 'one of the best art books of 2015' by The Times.

art and religion book cover

Dr Aaron Rosen, Lecturer in Sacred Traditions & the Arts in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies and Liberal Arts, has had his Art and Religion in the 21st Century named 'one of the best art books of 2015' by The Times. 

For too long, art and religion have been type-cast as mortal enemies.  Art & Religion in the 21st Century tells a fresh story of reciprocity, identifying multiple ways in which contemporary artists are looking to religion for inspiration. Each of the book’s ten chapters introduces a theme―from religion and conflict to sexuality―displaying work from a wide range of global artists working across multiple media, from painting to video and street art.  The book has been celebrated as one of the best art books of the year by The Times, one of Time Magazine's best books for the holidays, and Time Out's best books of the season, as well as being featured in pieces for BBC Radio 4 and Religion News Service.  

The book can be purchased online.

The full article can be read at

Many Congratulations to Dr Rosen.