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02 December 2016

Dr Zeena Feldman on the Facebook election

Digital Humanities lecturer Dr Zeena Feldman has written for OpenDemocracy on the "Facebook witch hunt"

Facebook witch hunt
Facebook witch hunt


Dr Zeena Feldman has written for OpenDemocracy on the "Facebook witch hunt" in the wake of the Brexit and US presidential votes, asking the question: Did Facebook really turn Hillary Clinton from POTUS 45 into Al Gore 2016?

"Fake news has become a post-election buzzword. But evidence suggests this phenomenon is not so much an outgrowth of ideological commitments as it is of market incentives. Traditional media’s advertising revenues have fallen off a cliff with digital ad income covering only a fraction of the loss. This has driven the growth of Pay Per Click (‘clickbait’) articles, accentuated the importance of search engine optimisation and fed the rise of targeted advertising and its offshoot, targeted news," say Feldman and co-writer, data analyst Sumedh Shastri.

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