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07 February 2024

Dyslexic Lexic exhibition opens

A new student art exhibition at the Maughan Library is open for visitors until 11 February.


The Dyslexic Lexic exhibition is a collaboration from King's Libraries & Collections and the Camões Centre for Portuguese Language and Culture at King’s. 

Display 8

It showcases the culmination of King’s students' artistic endeavours within the context of the Dyslexic Lexicon Workshops. Through this series of workshops designed to immerse students in the joys of art, approached with mindfulness, participants explored the expressive potential of words and images.

Highlights of the exhibition include found poem and watercolor compositions, mixed-media visual poems crafted with stamps and watercolor, and visually captivating concertina books. Each piece represents a unique exploration of the interplay between language and imagery, offering a rich tapestry of artistic expression born from the collaborative and transformative nature of the Dyslexic Lexicon Workshop.

Special thanks to librarians, Jonathan and Kezia and Alexandra Lourenço Dias, Director of the Camões Centre for Portuguese Language and Culture.