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05 April 2024

“Echoes Through Time: The Story of Care”

Olivia Luijnenburg was at a Coram theatre evening at Hoxton Hall

Five girls at the Coram Foundling Hospital

In 1739, Thomas Coram founded the Foundling Hospital and today, the charity Coram champions children’s rights and wellbeing. Unit researcher Olivia Luijnenburg visited Hoxton Hall to see the play “Echoes Through Time: The Story of Care”, which is part of the programme “Voices Through Time: The Story of Care”. The play, written by Brian Mullin and directed by Vicky Moran, tells the stories of past and present care-experienced young people.

Coram has worked with archivists to digitalise young people’s care stories in the Foundling Hospital. Both the play and the subsequent documentary “No Place Like Home” narrated the experiences of young people living in (residential) care, the idea of separation from birth families, and the challenges that care-experienced young people find in today’s care system.

Link to overview of the play

Header image: Archive photograph of girls at the Foundling Hospital, London, twentieth century.

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