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05 May 2022

End-of-Life Conversations: an animated short film

Discover "End-of-Life Conversations", an animated short film based on research from the Cicely Saunders Institute.

Animated image showing a patient and family member with a doctor

End-of-Life Conversations is a short, animated film based on the research conducted by Dr Anna Weil for her master’s degree in Palliative Care at the Cicely Saunders Institute.

The film depicts experiences of end-of-life conversations in hospital through the eyes of the daughter of a dying patient and the doctors providing her care.

Having conversations about advanced illness and end-of-life can be challenging, but when done well, supports patients and those closest to them to discuss their wishes and make plans for the future.

Many doctors, particularly those in training, report feeling uncomfortable and unconfident approaching these discussions and fear making things worse.

This artistic collaboration with animator Diana Gradinaru was supported by the King’s College London Culture team.

Watch the short film below.