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25 May 2018

Entrepreneurs Answer: What advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?

We know many students who are already starting their own businesses or would like to in the future. However, as we all know, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. There are many ups and downs, moments of uncertainty and barriers that may hinder your success. Every successful entrepreneur has doubted themselves on the road to success, looking back do they wish they could have given themselves any advice?

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To find out we headed to the Entrepreneurship Institute at King’s which supports our students, alumni and staff to pursue careers in entrepreneurship. Every year 20 ventures from King’s are chosen to work inside the Entrepreneurship Institute to further develop their businesses. We caught up with some of the accelerators to ask them, “What advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?”.

“Keep going, have confidence and believe in yourself. You can achieve way more than you know.”

- Dr Miles Payling, Co-founder of C the Signs

“Start coding! I wished I’d learned to code because it opens up so many options, to go to freelance, to work for yourself and to travel.”

- Olga Kravchenko, Co-founder, Memento

“I wish I’d put my student loan into bitcoin. I’d say to myself buy all the bitcoin and sell it in Dec 2017!”

- Sabba Keynejad, Co-founder, Veed Studio

“I try to live without regrets; you only truly regret the things you never did! But perhaps the one thing is I wish I started earlier! At the same time, I'm mostly just grateful for all the opportunities I have thrown myself into, and that I can say this now, aged 29 rather than 49!”

- Mark Corbett, Co-founder, Edvent

“Trust your instincts and take the plunge!”

- Fleurette Mulcahy, Co-founder, Attollo


Tools at King’s Business School

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  • If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur check out our post graduate degree Strategic Entrepreneurship & Innovation MSc


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