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12 May 2015

Export control regimes - EU state members

Dual use items are products and technologies used for civilian purposes but which may have military applications. Export of dual-use items to destinations outside the EU are prohibited unless a licence has been granted by a national authority.

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Dual-use export controls in all EU states is guided by Regulation 428/2009. This regulation sets out the list of technologies and controlled items under export control. It can therefore be expected that, in general, any item considered controlled in one EU jurisdiction would also be controlled in the other jurisdictions.

Transfers of dual-use goods within the EU need a licence only where the item appears on Annex IV of the regulation. Annex IV contains very sensitive goods such as nuclear items.

For exports to destinations outside the EU there are numerous types of licence that may be granted within the EU. These include:

  • EU General Export Authorisations (EU GEAs) – cover exports of certain items to certain destinations as specified in Annex II of the dual-use Regulation.
  • National General Export Authorisations (NGAs) – may be issued by individual EU countries, provided that they:
  • do not conflict with existing CGEA
  • do not cover any of the items listed in Annex IIg to Regulation 428/2009
  • France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the UK
  • Global authorisations – are granted by individual EU countries to one exporter and cover one or more items to one or more countries/end users
  • Individual licenses – are granted by individual EU countries to one exporter and cover exports to one end user


Links for license authorities of each EU state members:


National Authority


Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth


1) The Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region [Direction des Relations extérieures (external relations directorate)]

2)Flanders Region

3)Wallonn Region


Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism [Interdepartmental Commission for Export Control and Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction]

[General Information:]

Czech Republic

Ministry of Industry and Trade[Licencing Office]


Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority



Ministry of Foreign Affairs[Strategic Goods Commission]



Department for External Economic Relations in Ministry of Foreign Affairs [export control unit]




Ministry of Industry: Dual-use goods

Ministry of Industry: Defence goods export control

Cryptographic Goods



Federal Office of Economics and Export Control BAFA



Ministry for Development, Competitiveness Infrastructure, Transport and Networks



Hungarian Trade Licensing Office



Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation [Licensing Unit in Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation]



Ministry of Economic Development[Department for Enterprise and Internationalization, Directorate-General for International Trade Policy-Export Control Unit]


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia [Security Policy Department Strategic Goods Export Control Division]



Ministry of Economy[Trade Department – Division of Strategic Goods Export Control (Licensing Office)]



Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Export Controls




Ministry of Foreign Affairs[Disarmament and Non Proliferation Desk]



Ministry of Finance[Central Import and Export Service (CDIU) on behalf of Ministry of Foreign Affairs]



Department of Economic Security of the Ministry of Economy






Ministry of Foreign Affairs [Department for Export Controls]




Ministry of Economy, Department of Sensitive Goods Trading Management, Division of Sensitive Goods



Ministry of Economic Development and Technology



TRADE – Foreign Trade – Sector Information – Defense and Dual-Use Material



Swedish Agency for Non-proliferation and Export Controls


United Kingdom


Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills [Export Control Organisation]

SPIRE[online export licensing system]


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