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21 February 2020

Professor Frank Kelly and Dr Julia Fussell win Haagen-Smit prize

Professor Frank Kelly and Dr Julia Fussell, School of Population Health & Environmental Sciences, have received the 2019 Haagen-Smit prize which recognises outstanding papers.

Dr Julia Fussell and Professor Frank Kelly

The prize was awarded for the paper Size, source and chemical composition as determinants of toxicity attributable to ambient particulate matter,  which is a review of the research effort that has attempted to identify the relative toxicity of the characteristics, components and sources of particulate air pollution.

The Haagen-Smit prize was launched in 2001 and is given annually to a maximum of two papers published in Atmospheric Environment and covering different science areas.  

We are delighted that our Atmospheric Environment paper on the differential toxicity of particulate air pollution has received the 2019 Haagan-Smit Prize. It is a privilege to receive such recognition on a contribution tackling an incredibly complex issue that to this day, represents one of the most challenging areas of environmental health research.

Professor Frank Kelly, Co-author and Head of Department of Analytical, Environmental and Forensic Sciences

Read the paper here.

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