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20 April 2020

Future of Film summit releases 2020 report

The Future of Film summit has partnered with King's College London to produce the Future of Film report 2020, designed to help film stakeholders and practitioners navigate the new landscape.

Future of Film Summit

Held on 26 November, the Future of Film Summit aimed to bridge the knowledge gap between practitioners and the rapidly evolving technologies that are transforming the production process.

The Future of Film report 2020 is a culmination of the work of a number of speakers and participants from the inaugural Future of Film Summit, including Professor Sarah Atkinson, senior film executive Alex Stolz, Professor Helen W. Kennedy, designer and creative director Alex McDowell and visual effects supervisor Tim Webber.


Tim Webber, speaking at the Future of Film summit
Tim Webber, speaking at the Future of Film summit

The report covers topics like how game technology is transforming the filming process, the new workflows and practices in the industry and how world-building can improve the creative process, and also gives eight recommendations for moving into film's future.

The Future of Film Report was conceived and written before the global coronavirus pandemic - but the findings and recommendations resonate with our current moment more than we could have ever imagined. With the film industry currently in crisis with exhibition venues closed and production work halted - the report offers hopeful avenues through these unprecedented circumstances advocating sustainable working practices such as virtual production and world building which are now more relevant than ever.

Professor Sarah Atkinson, Head of Department, Culture, Media and Creative Industries (CMCI) & Professor of Screen Media

The Future of Film 2020 report is now live and can be accessed on their website.