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28 November 2018

King's screens '24 Hours of Reality'

Maria Rabanser

King's Sustainability will be holding a screening of the UK hour of '24 Hours of Reality' at Bush House

King's screens '24 Hours of Reality'
King's screens '24 Hours of Reality'

On the 4th December, King's Sustainability is holding a screening of the UK hour of '24 Hours of Reality' at Bush House.  

24 Hours of Reality: Protect Our Planet, Protect Ourselves is an online broadcast by Climate Reality and former US Vice President Al Gore. The broadcast travels around the world for 24 straight hours, looking at climate issues and solutions in countries around the world. This year's broadcast will look at the relationship between climate change and health. In 2015, the co-Chair of the Lancet Commission stated that "Climate change is a medical emergency". From air pollution, to heatwaves, to the spread of infectious disease, climate change has the potential to negatively impact public health around the world and in the UK. This means solving climate change is not only about protecting our planet; it is also about protecting ourselves.  

The 24 Hours of Reality broadcast will sound the alarm on the clear and present danger climate change poses to the health of communities across the planet. From 7-8pm UK time, the broadcast will focus on climate change and its impacts in the UK. The hour will include a presentation by Al Gore, and a conversation on health and climate change with Dr Nick Watts from the Lancet Countdown.

While you can tune in throughout the day on the 24 Hours of Reality website, King's Sustainability, King's Environmental Society, and King's Energy Cooperative will host a 'watch party' of the UK hour in Bush House from 18:45 to 20:00. For more information, and to sign up, please visit the Facebook or Eventbrite pages. 

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