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07 July 2022

Gold Medal Moment for the Entrepreneurship Institute

King’s Entrepreneurship Institute receives ‘Gold Award’ at the King’s Sustainability Awards 2022 for implementing sustainable practices.

Green Award image

The NUS Green Impact Gold Award recognises the team’s dedication to embedding the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) across all areas of work and the Institute’s co-working space in Bush House.

The Green Impact Awards encourage environmentally and socially sustainable practice within organisations to inspire long-lasting positive impact. The Awards focus on the promotion of:

  • Social mobility and student success
  • Race equality
  • Service
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Waste reduction

Team members have volunteered their time towards sustainable causes outside of the Institute during ‘Service Days’ and have also taken strides to improve operational processes.

Two Race Equality Champions, a Widening Participation Champion and two Equality, Diversity and Inclusion co-leads have been appointed to coordinate quarterly meetings: allowing for open and frank discussions surrounding the topics listed above. The team has also taken steps to ensure greater representation of BAME female founders at events.

This award-winning initiative by the United Nations has reached more than 275,000 people in seven countries; helping to build strong, tolerant, and inclusive teams who can go on to become sustainability champions in their organisations. At the time of writing, over 26,500 tonnes of CO2 have been saved due to the initiative across all participating universities and organisations.

The award builds on the Bronze (2020) and Silver (2021) Awards already awarded to the team. The Gold Award will be presented to representatives of the Entrepreneurship Institute at the King’s Sustainability Awards 2022 on 18th July in the Great Hall.