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13 May 2016

Have a Pint of Science with Academics from the Department of Physics

Starting on 23 May, for three consecutive nights, professors and PhD students from the Department of Physics will take part in the fourth edition of Pint of Science. For this event they won’t be discussing their research in a typical lecture theatre but in a considerably more relaxed pub environment. Topics will range from the physics of early universe to Star Wars, and you will also have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to actually see some alpha particles in a pub; preliminary analyses suggest that this has never happened before!

Science equipment graphic made of fractals

Together with Prof John Ellis, Dr Malcolm Fairbairn and Prof Klaus Suhling from the Physics department, this edition will also see the contribution of Dr Eleanor Knox, lecturer in the Philosophy department. If you want to chill in a pub, enjoy great scientific talks, ask all your childhood questions - “why is the sky blue?” - and talk with scientists, join us at The Colonel Fawcett and get your tickets before they are sold out!

Check out the talks: