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29 February 2024

Homelessness and multiple disadvantage: Improving responses for women

Researchers have developed a website depicting the challenge of accessing services

Person with their head in their hands

Two hundred and sixty-five participants joined an HSCWRU homelessness webinar led by Joanne McGrath and Professor Monique Lhussier to hear and discuss research which has collated women’s stories to explore how trauma and multiple disadvantages can contribute to and complicate the issue of homelessness. The research has been brought to life on a website which visually presents the findings and methods for services to facilitate change. Webinar participants shared their reflections from across practice and research perspectives and thanked the speakers for a ‘really insightful webinar, ‘one of the most powerful training events I’ve attended.

We are grateful to Joanne McGrath and Monique Lhussier for permission to post the slides here.

The next webinar in this series will be launching a short HSCWRU report and resource on Addressing multiple exclusion homelessness in social work education.