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28 April 2023


Developed by artist Vivienne Griffin, MERCY explores the role of AI and algorithms in judicial systems. It is being shown as part of the Bringing the Human to the Artificial exhibition.

MERCY trailer still

MERCY is a video work that came out of a collaboration between King’s College researchers and Somerset House Studios artists. MERCY was made with Turing Institute researcher, lawyer and court advocate Cari Hyde-Vaamonde. It uses visual metaphors in a virtual world to describe complex systems in Cari’s research. For example - the maze describes black box AI, and the rubbish in the maze refers to datasets which are dirty. The stairways within MERCY refer to decision tree branching algorithms. MERCY takes on the problem of explaining complex systems and breaking through barriers to understanding. MERCY has been successfully used in workshops and teaching to stimulate nuanced discussions around these concepts and the metaverse.

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