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19 September 2014

Illicit procurement involving Khaki & Yi

The Khaki-Yi case involved the illicit procurement, and attempted illicit procurement, of goods that were sanctioned by the United States Government and potentially intended for use in the Iranian uranium enrichment programme.

Iran flag

The goods sought and, in some cases, procured, were largely those suited to use in gas centrifuge plants. The perpetrator, Parviz Khaki, was also accused of having attempted to procure radioactive source materials for customers in Iran from the US.ii The procurement efforts began in around October 2008 and lasted until around January 2011. They were sustained by numerous actors of various nationalities who were located in: diverse locations within the USA; the People’s Republic of China; the Philippines; and Sweden. Some of these were witting conspirators; others were targets of procurement efforts.

A PDF of the full case study can be accessed below.


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