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22 March 2016

Impact of Interdisciplinarity

Impact of Interdisciplinarity event for BA Liberal Arts undergraduate students on 19 March 2016.

Impact of Interdisciplinarity
Impact of Interdisciplinarity

'Impact of Interdisciplinarity' was an event designed specifically for KCL’s population of interdisciplinary undergraduate students and particularly targeted at final year Liberal Arts students. It had two distinct stages: a collaborative ‘simulation exercise’ in the morning, during which students were put into the role of creative directors for a fictional magazine with the objective of saving it from bankruptcy, and then a session with speakers and a Q&A in the afternoon. 

Attending speakers included two special external guests: 

  • Emily Murrell, Senior Policy Advisor for the European and Global Issues Secretariat of the Cabinet Office, UK Civil Service. 
  • Dr Derek Vallès, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, the Royal Society of Arts, and the Royal Geographical Society.