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24 April 2024

In conversation with Dr Sintieh Ekongefeyin

Dr Sintieh Ekongefeyin talks to us about his new role at the London Institute for Healthcare Engineering (LIHE) and what inspired him to work in the MedTech sector.

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Sintieh’s career began as a medical doctor in Cameroon, where he practised medicine and collaborated with digital health start-ups. His passion for leveraging technology to improve healthcare led him to pursue a Master's in Applied Digital Health at the University of Oxford.

Sintieh has recently started in the role of Venture Manager for the London Institute for Healthcare Engineering, within the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences.

“In my position as Venture Manager of the new MedTech Accelerator programme, I aim to foster the development of ground-breaking MedTech and digital health solutions that will positively impact healthcare delivery.”

Having previously worked as a practitioner, Sintieh has looked to digital health and MedTech to bridge the gaps in our healthcare system.

He tells us the story of a patient who arrived at his hospital, unconscious, gasping for air and clutching at her chest. Despite the best efforts of the clinicians, the patient didn't make it. She died due to a massive heart attack, but her death was preventable.

“That moment changed everything for me. I couldn't bear the thought of losing patients to preventable causes. If only there was a piece of technology that could warn patients, they could seek care earlier likewise for us, if we could have been notified earlier - the outcome may have been different. So, I looked to digital health and MedTech, to see what I could do to help change this.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sintieh developed a remote tracking platform for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, ensuring they received the care they needed during the unprecedented health crisis. None of these patients were lost to either COVID-19 or complications of their underlying diseases.

Following this, Sintieh was recognised as the most innovative physician in the Odza Health district, centre region, Cameroon.

“This was an incredible honour, but it was also a responsibility – a responsibility to do more, to reach further. That's what drove me to become a digital health consultant, working with start-ups to implement life-saving innovations in resource-limited settings. And now, here I am, driven by a burning desire to make a difference at LIHE.

“As a physician with expertise in digital health and entrepreneurship, I am excited to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share a common goal of harnessing technology to enhance healthcare delivery. LIHE's focus on innovation and collaboration aligns perfectly with my background and aspirations.”

Sintieh has founded his own start-up, Sintieh Research Academy (SRA), a research organisation dedicated to supporting early career researchers in resource-limited settings. SRA provides workshops and resources to empower researchers to lead impactful research projects, leveraging technology to enhance learning and dissemination of findings. To date, SRA has impacted over 1000 professionals across five countries.

Sintieh talking with children with a disability

Together with a team of five, Sintieh also started the initiative 'MakeThemSmile', supporting orphans and individuals living with disabilities in Cameroon.

“Our focus is on providing basic professional skills training and scholarships to children in need, with a commitment to follow up and support them throughout the year. With the help of dedicated volunteers, we have positively impacted over 250 children so far, and we remain committed to expanding our reach and impact as we continue to grow.”

Sintieh says he is extremely excited to embark on this new journey as Venture Manager at LIHE.

My goal is to nurture and guide idea-stage MedTech and Digital Health companies from conception to market, ultimately contributing to the growth of unicorns that support the NHS and advance universal health coverage. Working with these companies to help them succeed is not only professionally fulfilling but also a testament to the power of innovation in healthcare and preventative medicine.

Dr Sintieh Ekongefeyin, Venture Manager, London Institute for Healthcare Engineering

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