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22 May 2019

Insilico and Ageing Research at King's announce collaboration to optimise opportunities for healthy ageing and longevity

Insilico and Ageing Research at King’s enter a research collaboration to enhance health-span and longevity

ARK and Insilico
ARK and Insilico

Insilico Medicine, a biotech company developing the end-to-end drug discovery pipeline utilizing next-generation artificial intelligence, announces its partnership with Ageing Research at King's (ARK) - dedicated to enhancing multidisciplinary research collaborations across King’s and King’s Health Partners to better understand the mechanisms of ageing and improving health-span.

The goal of this collaboration is to employ a set of AI-based methods, to explore patterns that have significant potential to impact healthy ageing, age-related diseases and targeted therapeutics.

ARK is uniquely positioned to address the challenges of an ageing world and to provide answers at multiple levels, from cellular mechanisms to social sciences. ARK will develop a programme of events to facilitate networking in AI research across King’s and to foster research supported by UK Research and Innovation, charities and industrial partners both in the UK and globally.

The ARK partnership with Insilico provides an opportunity to deliver academic excellence in AI methods for ageing and longevity research. This will complement the recently launched London Medical Imaging and AI Centre for Value-Based Health Care at King’s.

ARK is committed to bringing together AI expertise across King’s to explore its utility and impact for healthy ageing. With larger multifactorial repositories of data in ageing research; incorporation of advanced AI methods represents an opportunity to develop novel therapeutic approaches in precision medicine for age-related diseases and to identify strategies for healthy ageing. We are delighted to partner with Insilico Medicine to bring together industry-leading AI experts with ARK-associated academics and clinicians, to accelerate ageing and longevity research.

Richard Siow, Ph.D., Director of ARK and former Vice-Dean (International), Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine, King’s College London

The applications of modern artificial intelligence algorithms within the field of ageing research offer tremendous opportunities. Insilico Medicine is one of the first AI companies to combine the expertise in artificial intelligence applied to the cutting-edge medicinal chemistry and target identification, and I am certain that our set of software tools, deep domain expertise in target identification and medicinal chemistry, and focus on ageing and age-related diseases will contribute to the ARK’s initiative and research

Alex Zhavoronkov, Ph.D., Founder, and CEO of Insilico Medicine, Inc.