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20 August 2018

Interview with Tereza Fedorova: Summer intern at the Entrepreneurship Institute

Tereza Fedorova is an International Management student, currently interning at the Entrepreneurship Institute this Summer. We caught up with Tereza to find out how her internship is going and what she has learnt so far.

Tereza Fedorova: Summer intern at the Entrepreneurship Institute
Tereza Fedorova: Summer intern at the Entrepreneurship Institute

The Entrepreneurship Institute at King’s College London supports entrepreneurial experiences amongst King’s students, staff and alumni. The Entrepreneurship Institute is located inside Bush House and holds regular workshops, seminars and events for students. Every year, 20 start-ups from King’s are chosen to take part in a year-long accelerator programme where they receive support valued over £60,000. Over each summer the Entrepreneurship Institute takes on interns from King’s Business School who support and learn from the accelerator start-ups and Entrepreneurship Institute mentors.

Why did you want to intern for the Entrepreneurship Institute?

I have always been interested in the world of start-ups and fascinated by the ability to turn mere vision into a successful venture. This, along with the Institute’s dedication, support of new ideas and variety of events available encouraged me to apply for this internship. I was thrilled when I found out I will spend my summer working for start-ups as the Entrepreneurship Institute is truly a hub for nurturing and cultivating dreams.

What have you been working on at your internship?

I have worked for two start-ups, Memento - a virtual reality platform that allows everyone to co-create a VR capture of events via an app; and Blockhaven – a cryptocurrency portfolio management app. Both of these experiences have been unique in their own way and forced me to come out of my comfort zone and explore a variety of business fields, especially ones I would not have had the chance to come across otherwise. A few highlights so far have been participating in London Pride and then recreating it in Virtual Reality as well as working on marketing development for a tech start-up in an unfamiliar area.

What's the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far?

One of the benefits of working for a small venture is the ability to see individual contribution immediately which comes hand in hand with an immense personal responsibility. I have learned to embrace this, work more independently and trust my gut when making decisions. The fast-paced environment has also made me less hesitant and prudent while working because there is always something else to move to and improve on.

Do you know what you want to do when you graduate? How is your internship helping you acheive your goals?

I have yet to decide what direction I want to make my career go towards after graduating, but this internship has been an extraordinary opportunity to not only grow individually, gain knowledge and skills but also to explore and understand diverse industries. Moreover, the nature of the Entrepreneurship Institute as well as the start-ups themselves are remarkably encouraging, creative and welcoming which made me look forward to work and hopefully make a difference for the better, every day of these 12 weeks.

Thank you to Tereza for taking time to talk to us. Head to the Entrepreneurship Institute to learn more about their work and how to get involved.

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