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04 August 2023

Introducing the King's Careers and Employability Trail

Participate in our new interactive trail enhancing your employability skills.

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King’s Careers & Employability are excited to announce our new interactive activity: the King’s Careers & Employability Trail.

The Trail is a quest across several Strand Campus locations where you will solve clues and work together to find hidden locations. The Trail is designed to simulate the style of an activity you might face in an assessment centre and requires you to work as part of a team, using a range of important skills to uncover the mysteries of King’s.

Why take part?

The King’s Careers & Employability Trail gives you the opportunity to work collaboratively, think laterally, and problem solve – all skills that are important in the application stage of a job interview or assessment centre. When you complete the trail, you’ll get to reflect on these skills using our range of digital resources and explore how you can continue to develop your employability.

Aside from that, it’s also great fun and a brilliant way of exploring King’s Strand Campus! You’ll also clock up around 2000 steps which will count towards your King’s Move app and bring you a little closer to your next reward!

How to sign up

To sign up, simply follow this link to the form page where you can sign up to take part with your team. Once you’ve registered, simply follow the link that’s sent to your email address to get started.

You’ll also be sent a starting location and be directed to the Trail chatbot, which you’ll need to use throughout the activity to help you solve the clues, move onto the next locations, and stay on track.

The Trail can be completed at any time – once you sign up, you just need to find a time that is right for you and your team! If you have any issues pulling a team together, just send us an email at and we can help to set you up with one.

So, whether you want to experience an assessment centre-style activity, develop your skills, see more of King’s Strand campus, or simply have fun with friends, you can sign up to King’s Careers & Employability Trail now.

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