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13 October 2020

Professor Nikos Koutsouleris joins as new Chair of Precision Psychiatry

We are pleased to welcome Professor Nikos Koutsouleris as the new Chair of Precision Psychiatry with the Department of Psychosis Studies.

Professor Nikos Koutsouleris
Professor Nikos Koutsouleris

Professor Koutsouleris studied medicine at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) between 1996 and 2003 as scholar of the German National Academic Foundation. Since 2008, Professor Koutsouleris has advanced the use of multivariate pattern recognition methods for the identification and validation of diagnostic and prognostic prediction models in at-risk and early stages of affective and non-affective psychoses. His research aims to develop and validate prognostic, diagnostic, theranostic, normative modelling and subtyping tools for the personalized management of psychiatric disorders. His work was awarded with several national and international prizes and led so far to over 80 peer-reviewed, highly cited papers.

I am thrilled and humbled by the fantastic research opportunities that this new position is currently creating and will further produce over the next months and years. The IoPPN is a global leader in basic, imaging and behavioural neuroscience, covering a large array of mental disorders for which currently only sub-optimal one-size-fits-all therapies exists. The rich datasets collated at IoPPN across diagnostic boundaries are in my view a unique ‘treasure trove’ which can be harnessed by means of advanced analytical tools such as machine learning and AI. I am greatly looking forward to contributing to these analytical endeavours that may lead us to a deeper mechanistic understanding, more precise predictive modelling, and personalized preventive care in patients suffering from complex mental diseases

Professor Nikos Koutsouleris

Professor Koutsouleris serves as the Coordinator of the EU-FP7 funded project PRONIA (“Personalised Prognostic Tools for Early Psychosis Management”). He serves as consultant and Head of the Centre for Adolescent Psychiatry and Transitional Youth Mental Health and the Section for Neurodiagnostic Applications in Psychiatry at the Department of Psychiatry, LMU. He holds the position of a Max Planck Fellow at the Max-Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich and contributes as faculty to the International Max-Planck-School for Translational Psychiatry.

Professor Koutsouleris is one of the world’s leading researchers in psychosis, and I am absolutely delighted that he has joined us at the IOPPN. He has a unique set of skills and ideas, and extensive experience in both research and clinical work in the early phase of psychosis. We very much look forward to working with him

Professor Philip McGuire, Head of Department of Psychosis Studies

The Department of Psychosis Studies is the largest department within the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience and the world’s largest group conducting research on psychosis, producing over 1300 scientific publications in the last 5 years.