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29 April 2022

Is the European Union in a state of crisis?

A new book co-edited by a King’s College London academic asks whether the European Union is in a state of crisis.

The book was first published as a special issue of the journal Global Discourse.

Dr Russell Foster (King’s) and Dr Jan Grzymski (University of Warsaw) have brought together a collection of works which examine the landmark moments that have shaped the EU over the last decade and look ahead at what lies in store for European integration.

The book, the Limits of Europe: Identities, Spaces, Values, was first published as a special issue of the journal Global Discourse and features works from leading scholars on nationalism, self-determination, Brexit, migration and integration.

Dr Foster, from the Department of European and International Studies at King’s, said: “Over recent years, a series of systemic and spontaneous challenges, including Brexit, the rise of Euroscepticism and the Eurozone and refugee crises, have manifested in landmark moments for European integration.

“This edited collection investigates whether these crises are isolated phenomena or symptoms of a deeper malaise across the EU. Experts from across disciplines analyse and rethink the forces which pull Europeans together, as well as those which push them apart.”

Find out more about the book here.

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