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07 May 2021

KCL Arts & Humanities Research Institute awards GTA Enhancing Education Fund to PGR students

King’s Arts and Humanities Research Institute has awarded over £7k to fund 7 PGR led projects to design and plan a skill or course-specific engagement activity for students in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities

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7 projects, led by King’s Arts & Humanities PGRs with previous GTA experience, have been awarded the GTA Enhancing Education Fund by King’s Arts & Humanities Research Institute. The funding will be applied by the PGR students to lead the design of a course or skill-specific engagement activity for students, in collaboration with module convenors. The first of its kind for the College, this project aims to support PGRs to enhance connectivity between students and enable students to improve their understanding of course content, whilst also encouraging PGRs to develop their funding application skills and establish agency.

Launched in March 2021 the funding call saw overwhelming support from the PGR community at King’s. The funding call closed on the 25th of April, 2021, with a total of fifteen applications received from across Arts & Humanities faculties. The applications were assessed during the week of the 26th of April 2021, by a panel comprised of Dr. Mary Seabrook(Head of GTA Development/STF), Aleksandra Kubica (Research Officer for The Bridge Group), and Karina Au (CMCI BA student).

The successful applications represent a diverse set of projects, with focus on combining various teaching methods and approaches. Some of the highlights include an interactive archival workshop based on the life and work of the highly influential playwright Joe Orton; a ‘Postcolonial Film Club’, consisting of a 3-hour film showing and discussion group; a ‘Palaeography Skills Workshop’ to give undergraduates in the English Department the opportunity to build skills in early modern English palaeography; a ‘Decolonising the Archive’ project which will see the creation of a digital journal and a short lecture; and a project on Music Theory module to aid student inclusion from diverse linguistic, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. These projects integrate with various undergraduate modules offered by King’s and use hands-on-methods to foster learning and improve training opportunities for students.

For details on the projects and the awardees, please refer to this page.

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