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15 October 2020

Keeping citizens safe online

Cybersecurity experts from King’s College London are leading work for a new national centre to keep people safe online through research and technology.


REPHRAIN - Research Centre on Privacy, Harm Reduction and Adversarial Influence Online – has been established by the UK government. It brings together more than 50 leading academics with industry, non-profit, government, law, regulation and international research centre partners. The aim is to identify and reduce the threat of harm from loss of privacy, insecurity, inaccurate information and other issues that have emerged as the digital economy has grown.

King’s will be jointly leading two strands of the work, on minimising harms while maximising benefits from a sharing-driven digital economy; and balancing individual agency and social good.

Commenting on the new initiative, Dr Jose Such, Director of the King’s Cybersecurity Centre and Reader in Security and Privacy, said:

We are very excited to be part of REPHRAIN, a Centre that will be a national and international reference towards addressing the issue of protecting citizens online, a crucial issue in a world in which we are increasingly doing more online, from working to socialising, something all the more important in the current pandemic context. Keeping citizens safe online is therefore paramount and one of the main challenges of our generation. I am particularly excited to be the KCL lead for the Centre, co-lead for one of the three Centre's Missions (Minimising harms while maximising benefits from the digital economy) and member of the Strategic Board of the Centre.

Dr Mark Coté, Senior Lecturer in Data Culture and Society further added:

REPHRAIN will allow us to continue our world-leading cross disciplinary research on the social dimensions of data and AI. The Departments of Digital Humanities and Informatics look forward to collaborating with leading researchers across the UK to make our digital lives not only more safe, but empowered.”

King’s has cross-disciplinary expertise in cybersecurity. The KCL Cybersecurity Centre is an EPSRC-NCSC Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR). The centre brings together researchers from across the university and has a critical mass of researchers working on three main research themes and their interrelationship: AI Cyber Security, Formal Cyber Security, and Strategic Cyber Security.

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