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04 May 2023

Exhibition launch: 'The debate on AI will continue and intensify'

A new exhibition from King’s Institute for Artificial Intelligence is showcasing the potential for new and emerging applications for AI, as well as providing a platform for exploring their ethical challenges.

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Last night, researchers, students and representatives from the technology, culture and policy sectors came together to mark the launch of ‘Bringing the Human to the Artificial’, presented by the King’s Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

The free exhibition, running until 30 June at the Arcade in Bush House, showcases emerging applications for AI that shape our everyday lives. Presented in collaboration with King’s Culture, the research featured in the exhibition explores possibilities for the use of AI across society – from the NHS and the justice system to driverless cars, facial recognition, national intelligence and security, and the creative industries.

Opening the evening, Professor Michael Luck, Director of King’s Institute for Artificial Intelligence, spoke about the pace and scale of AI development in recent months. He celebrated the expertise and breadth of AI research currently taking place across King’s, including researchers dedicated to exploring the societal, legal and ethical implications of these emerging technologies. Many of the topics will be further explored in the Festival of Artificial Intelligence, running from 24 – 28 May alongside the exhibition that will bring together speakers, exhibits, performances, demos and screenings in a programme of public events.

This exhibition, and the AI festival, are part of a conversation about ensuring AI is used for good, to benefit us all.

Professor Michael Luck, Director of King’s Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Professor Bashir M. Al-Hashimi, Vice President for Research & Innovation at King’s, offered his perspective on the topic. ‘No one would have thought we’d come to a time when humanity is being challenged and being intimidated. But this is the era of better, faster, do more. The philosophy of King’s is one where we ask how we do this, but in a way that ensures we understand the implications.’

‘The King’s AI Institute leads by example in embedding a type of collaborative culture’, he added. ‘This includes recently becoming a member of the Alan Turing University Network, which will further speed our research in this area. The debate about AI will continue and intensify, and King’s is geared up to be part of that.’

Professor Shitij Kapur, President & Principal of King’s, used the moment to highlight the ‘very real issue for universities’ about what might be left for humans if tasks and roles traditionally done by humans are replaced by AI. ‘King’s has a unique role to play in highlighting our scholarship and engaging with the general public on this topic,’ said Professor Kapur. ‘Big transitions have never been without pain. But universities are places with the technical knowledge and people that understand what it means to be human to address this.’


Beatrice Pembroke, Executive Director for King’s Culture, highlighted the importance of diverse perspectives in understanding and developing ethical AI. 'This showcase has many different types of collaborations,’ she said. ‘If we are really going to open these technologies up, we need storytellers with different perspectives, who can hold a mirror up to our contradictions and biases. We need cultural spaces where we can collectively think about what we want these technologies to be, and how they might make our lives better.'

The exhibition in the Arcade and Festival of Artificial Intelligence will be followed by an exhibition at Science Gallery London entitled ‘AI: Who’s Looking After Me?’.


Visitor Information

Bringing the Human to the Artificial

Dates: 2 May – 30 June 2023 
Opening times: Mon – Fri, 10.00 – 18.00
Address: The Arcade, Bush House (South Entrance), King’s College London, The Strand, London, WC2B 4PJ 
Free entry  


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