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19 February 2018

King's and Swiss universities exchange enterprise education experience

We welcomed students and enterprise education representatives from Switzerland this week

Strand Campus
Strand Campus

The Entrepreneurship Institute welcomed entrepreneurs and enterprise educators from Switzerland last week.

18 postgraduate entrepreneurs from universities in western Switzerland met with King’s students, staff and alumni on the King’s20 accelerator to exchange experiences and advice. They were also joined by enterprise education experts and Dr. Lutz-Peter Berg the Head of Science & Innovation at the Swiss Embassy.

The Swiss startups include a metal 3D printer, smart grid control to reduce blackouts, diagnostic tools for malaria and infectious diseases, and a faster and more controllable way to reach complex brain arteries.

“To support King's students we are always looking for new ideas and inspiration from around the world. It was a pleasure to welcome Swiss students and innovation leaders to King’s and to find out more about their work. All the students are developing their own ventures, particularly in medical innovation of which King’s is a leader, so it was a great chance for student entrepreneurs from different countries to meet, discuss ideas and share their experiences.

The Swiss delegation also visited the Trampery and other co-working spaces and accelerators in East London's Tech City.

Gerard Darby, Outreach Manager, Entrepreneurship Institute