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02 November 2022

King's announces £3M cost of living support for students

King’s College London has announced a £3million package to support students with the rising costs of living across the UK and the impact this is having on food and energy bills, travel costs and general living expenses.

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The package, which comes following ongoing engagement with students, KCLSU and the KCLSU President Mohd Yasir Khan, will provide additional bursary payments and hardship funding, and enhance the scope of food and drink offers across King’s campuses.

This includes a £1million package of additional support for those students receiving the King’s living bursary, £750,000 of additional hardship funding for students, which doubles the current amount of funding and which will be deployed to those in greatest need over the course of the year to help with day-to-day living costs such as rent and energy bills, and £750,000 of funding to further enhance food and drink offers across King’s campuses, including affordable, nutritious hot and cold food. 

In addition, £500,000 will be held as contingency, to provide additional support that may be needed over the coming months.

We understand that students are concerned about the rising costs of living across the UK and the impact that this is having on their day to day lives. This package is designed to not only support those in need, but also remain agile to the situation, with flexibility to allocate funds to when and where they’re needed. We encourage any student who is worried about money – whether that’s paying household bills, affording travel expenses, or understanding the financial assistance available - to reach out for support.

Professor Adam Fagan, Vice President (Education & Student Success) said:

This financial package sits alongside wellbeing and pastoral support for students, including mental health and counselling support, the Money Mentors scheme and advice on budgeting.   

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