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22 November 2017

King's College London Mathematics School wins award for outstanding commitment to London and local communities.

Led by Dan Abramson, Head of the King's College London Mathematics School, the school has been recognised by the university for its outstanding impact on London and the university's neighboring communities.

Pupils outside King's Maths School holding their exam results

King’s Mathematics School provides high quality education in the heart of London to sixth form students and runs outreach programmes for students from challenging backgrounds who want to progress into degrees and careers in the mathematical sciences. In summer 2017, the second cohort of students to progress through the school graduated and attained exceptional results, with 58 per cent of all entries A* grades, 88 per cent being graded at A* or A and 99 per cent graded at A*, A or B.

Speaking on results day, Dan Abramson said: 'I'm so proud of our students. These young people are not just bright - they have secured immensely impressive achievements through their passion and dedication, as well as through the inspiring way they collaborate and support each other. They will go onto wonderful things, and I'm honoured to have been able to work with them these last two years.'

The school was inspired by the Kolmogorov Physics and Mathematics School in Moscow, established in 1965 by Andrey Kolmogorov, one of the leading mathematicians of the 20th Century, and since 2014 it has brought mathematics to life for young people in London.

At King's we aim to inspire current and future generations through education to be the problem solvers and change-maker the world needs.

Dan Abramson, Head of the King's College London Mathematics School

King's is one of just two universities in the UK to have set up specialist sixth form maths colleges. In doing so, the university hopes to increase the number of well-trained mathematicians going on to study and work in highly mathematical disciplines. The school's selection process seeks out those students with an aptitude for mathematics who would not otherwise have access to excellent mathematics teaching at this stage of their education.

The school was also recently named The Times' state sixth form college of the year, highlighting the academic success that the school has achieved in its short history, as well as the overarching ethos of the school, with Dan Abramson adding that 'We expect our students to ask questions and to be able to answer them and to think on their feet continuously, so you will find that lessons at King’s Maths school and the ethos of learning is not about presenting knowledge to the students, it is about collaboratively developing ideas in the classroom.'