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19 November 2019

King's grads win big at Dental Industry Awards with innovative app

Grads Deepak Aulak and Kian Dhinsa have won “App of the Year”.

Deepak Aulak and Kian Dhinsa
Deepak Aulak and Kian Dhinsa win App of the Year

Dentistry grads Deepak Aulak and Kian Dhinsa have won “App of the Year” at the Dental Industry Awards for their innovative Tooth Fairy technology. The Tooth Fairy works to connect patients to dentists on demand and is the UK’s first dental app to be registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission).

Designed to connect patients to dentists, the Tooth Fairy can help overcome barriers to access – especially out of hours and for those patients with anxiety or mobility issues.  Dr Deepak Aulak explains:

The app allows dentists to communicate with existing patients, as well as new patients. Dentists are then able to offer advice, general assistance, soft consults, as well as utilizing the app to review patients after treatment for example extractions or difficult procedures.

Dr Deepak Aulak

Winning the “App of the year” prize at the Dental Industry Awards, as well as Highly Commended in the “High Technology Launch of the Year” category, Deepak and Kian self-funded the initiative. The research behind the app was presented at the International Association of Dental Research (IADR) conference in Vancouver this year, with current students Melanie Bernard and Ravi Rathod who were both involved in the research project.

“The Tooth Fairy app utilizes a secure encrypted technology, as well as additional patent-pending features to bring a patient to a dentist through a video call feature,” says Deepak.  “The app can help patients find their local dentist, as well as discuss treatment options and procedures with their own dentist at a time that suits them.”

As practising dentists, both Deepak and Kian have seen patients struggle to access advice and help from dentists out of hours.

“As an example, simple advice and assistance on cleaning and pain management can help patients with wisdom tooth eruption pain. From there we discovered how the app could also be used for many use cases and be an additional tool in the armoury of dentists to assist patients. Now the technology is being used for soft consults, patient reviews, and advice consultations” said Deepak.

Congratulations to both Deepak and Kian.


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The Tooth Fairy App
The Tooth Fairy App