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31 August 2022

King's in the News – September 2022

As the global King’s community is often at the forefront of research and society – we round-up a few articles featuring King’s alumni, staff and research.

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Five universities join forces to offer ‘wrap-around’ support to refugees

Institutions team up to offer scholarships as well as practical resettlement help targeting those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

Find out more on what King's is doing to help students, academics, and refugees in the Ukrainian conflict.

Read the full story on Times Higher Education (paywall).

Ukrainian conflict

Competitors on Celebrity MasterChef were set a culinary challenge by Asma Khan

Asma Khan (BA Law, 1999; PHD Law, 2013) is the owner and head chef of the critically acclaimed Darjeeling Express restaurant in London as well as a King's College London alumna.

On the episode, she set the contestants the challenge of recreating one of her own dishes.

Watch the full episode on the BBC one.

Asma Khan

Globe and King's College London launch Shakespeare research centre

Shakespeare Centre London, the new research centre from King's and Shakespeare's Globe, will be a place of excellence for Shakespeare studies, dedicated to exploring Shakespeare and early modern literary works.

The Shakespeare Centre London will bring together academics from the Globe and King’s, with the aim of being a beacon for the inclusive study of Shakespeare, text, performance, and premodern critical race studies. With its focus on critical knowledge, creative practice and social justice, the Centre will strive to be an inclusive space for the study and dissemination of new research.

The first joint activity to emerge from this exciting new centre will be co-curating and co-hosting the fourth annual Shakespeare and Race Festival 2022.

Read the full story in the Stage (paywall).


Ukraine: What are Himars missiles and are they changing the war?

'Himars is very accurate when it is used against fixed targets, when you have the exact co-ordinates. But it is not so effective against moving targets such as troops, so it cannot push back an advance.

I would say that Himars caught the Russians by surprise, but it doesn't change the balance of power' says Dr Marina Miron, warfare expert at Kings College London.

Researchers at King's comment on warfare tactics and the Ukrainian conflict in this article by the BBC.

Read more on the BBC.


Dev Pragad Transforming Newsweek: a case study

Leadership is imperative to all businesses, and with the right strategies and capabilities, any transformation is possible. Following is an interview case study of how Dev Pragad transformed Newsweek from a failing readership base into a digital powerhouse with 100 million readers in just a few years.

Dev Pragad is a proud graduate of Harvard Business School and King’s College London. He is a fellow of King’s College London and completed the prestigious Owner/President Management program at Harvard Business School. Prior to Newsweek, Dev ran the UK edition of IBT Media.

Read the full CEO World Biz article here.

Dev Pragad

King’s College London: This Is How B And T Cell Responses Reflect COVID-19 Infection

Researchers from King’s have found that B cell and T cell responses are linked to COVID-19 infection.

The immune system is made up of lots of different cells and organs that help your body fight off infections. B cells create antibodies, which neutralise viruses, with the help of T cells. Doctors and scientists have been using antibody tests to find people with previous COVID-19 infections, particularly for research.

Researchers from TwinsUK wanted to see if T-Cell tests would be a helpful addition, or replacement, for antibody tests. This is particularly important now many people cannot access PCR (swab) tests from the NHS when they think they have COVID-19.

The study looked at T-cell responses in participants who did or did not have a positive antibody response to the virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) in participants who were symptomatic and asymptomatic during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the full article in the India Education Diary.


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