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11 February 2021

King's named among top 25 universities for those working for the EU

Julie Wheldon, Faculty Communications Manager (Social Science & Public Policy)

New analysis looked at the educational backgrounds of EU officials and MEPs

EU flags in Brussels

A new analysis has highlighted King’s is among the top 25 universities for those who go onto work for the European Union.

POLITICO looked at more than 600 EU officials and MEPs and collated information on their educational qualifications, where they studied, their degree course, their gender and age.

The analysis showed that 100 percent of EU officials and 91 percent of MEPs have a university degree with eight in 10 of the EU officials also having a master’s degree or higher qualification.

The report also looked at where people had studied and named King’s among the top 25 institutions that officials had attended.

In terms of degrees, law was the most popular choice, followed by business. However, political sciences, economics, humanities and diplomacy, international relations and defence were also prominent in the group studied.

The analysis showed there was still some way to go on gender parity in the senior ranks of EU institutions, with women making up fewer than 40 percent of the officials studied.

To compile the dataset, POLITICO used information on the CVs of more than 450 senior EU officials at director, deputy director, and head of unit level within the Commission, the Council (including senior diplomats) and other EU bodies. It also looked at the backgrounds of more than 170 MEPs including all committee chairs and vice-chairs in the European Parliament, plus the leaders of the political groups.

You can read the full analysis here.