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07 April 2021

King's working with artists and startups to tackle online misinformation

MediaFutures project tackles data misinformation

Elena Simperl
Elena Simperl

King’s experts have devised a programme of support for artists and start-ups working to find innovative ways to tackle the use of data which misleads and misinforms people.

King’s is a lead partner in the MediaFutures project – a three-year EU-funded initiative working in six European countries to drive engagement with high quality data projects. Following an open call, 19 initiatives have been selected to receive funding, mentoring and support.

Elena Simperl, Professor of Computer Science, and Dr Gefion Thuermer, Research Associate, are the technical leads of the programme and set its overall strategy and priorities. This includes methodologies, approaches and technologies used to facilitate AI and arts interactions to tackle misinformation and polarisation online and to support science education, high-quality journalism and trust in democratic institutions.

King’s will be producing a toolkit and case studies that illustrate a range of interdisciplinary research methods cutting across computer science, human-computer interaction and the arts and evaluate these novel methods in tackling those challenges.

Throughout the three-year programme, MediaFutures will work with around ten artists, artist collectives and entrepreneurs from the UK and other European countries.

Elena Simperl explains:

The team will explore how members of the public, individually and as a community, engage with data and AI technologies such as deep fakes. We will evaluate different experiences and interventions that aim to build bridges between polarised online opinions and derive best practices and guidance for researchers, innovation managers, and policy makers.”

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