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30 May 2022

King's Sport awarded the Platinum Healthy Campus Accreditation

King's Sport

King's Sport awarded the Platinum Healthy Campus Accreditation, FISU Healthy Campus accreditation recognises a whole university approach and advocates for a holistic view.

FISU awards ceremony in Brussels, Belgium. Photo Credit: FISU

Through their commitment to exceptional education, impactful research and genuine service to society, they create positive change in their communities, both in London and on the world stage King's Sport has been awarded FISU Healthy Campus Platinum Accreditation.

Launched in May 2020 the FISU Healthy Campus programme aims to enhance all aspects of well-being for students and the campus community.

The program focuses on criteria such as gender equality, reducing inequalities, increasing inclusion, clean and affordable energy, sustainable community development, responsible consumption and production, climate action, partnerships and synergies between internal and external partners on campus. 

King's College is a world referenced institution, know for education and research, and has a global program for the improvement of the well-being of its community. The award of Healthy Campus Platinum demonstrates the strength of relationship with stakeholders across the university and an innovative approach and strategic commitment. Healthy Campus Programme at King's College has been recognised for its excellence, with many best practices, some of which will be internationally presented on May 27th during the first official certificate ceremony at the Free University of Brussels.

Fernando Parente, FISU Director, Healthy Campus and University Relations

This accreditation is awarded to institutions that provide services that have a positive impact on the lives of its student's communities, the platinum accreditation is only awarded to institutions who achieves all 100 of the criteria.

Currently, the Healthy Campus program has 94 registered universities in the world. 

King's Sport programmes and activities relating to Healthy Campus directly impact students through the delivery of workshops and events spread across our five campuses.

Through the development of new policy and procedures, with the University Leadership sponsor, King's Sport will continue to embed the Healthy Campus culture across our services through a whole university approach. 

FISU awards ceremony in Brussels, Belgium. Photo Credit: FISU
FISU awards ceremony in Brussels, Belgium. Photo Credit: FISU

In developing the new delivery plan for Sport 2022-25, King's aims to be the world leader in healthy campus - to continue to connect with our communities to find their personal best during their time at King's and beyond.

We aim to deliver distinct wellness experiences, to unite our communities, enabling individuals to achieve their aspirations of making the world a better place.

The platinum accreditation enables a whole university approach to Healthy Campus and, indeed, student support and experience.

King's Sport is excited to work with colleagues across the globe in understanding the different challenges and opportunities in shaping the future of Higher Education support across the sector.

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